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Volunteer Opportunities

The key feature of MyRide Upper Cumberland and the reason for its sustainability is the use of volunteers who drive their personal vehicles to transport seniors to their destinations. The number of volunteers greatly influences the number of older adults that can be served.
Volunteers are asked to commit three hours per
month — one morning or afternoon — to drive
an older adult on an essential trip. More donated time is encouraged but not
required. Travel a lot? No problem. Just drive when
in town. 
Insurance and liability issues are a common concern.
Insurance premiums are based on the miles driven,
not who rides in the vehicle, so there is no impact
on drivers’ insurance premiums. The volunteer’s auto
insurance is always primary. In addition, MyRide
has purchased excess auto, medical, and liability
insurance for all volunteers. Finally, both state and
federal volunteer protection laws offer another layer
of safety for volunteers.
Drivers must be over 21 years of age and have a
valid TN driver’s license, clean driving record, and background check, and
proof of insurance. MyRide volunteers are required to complete 4 hours of training.